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A Netflix-For-Games; Why Google Stadia Wasn’t It.

Alex Whiteman explores why Google Stadia was a failure, and what direction cloud-based streaming can take in the future.

Gaming and Hong Kong

Daniel Woolley explains how, by using gaming, we are bringing to light the societies around the world that lack the democratic freedoms we demonstrate.

What can be said of the human mind? Todd Phillips’ Joker may have answers…

WARNING: There may be spoilers in this article. If you have not seen the film yet, I suggest you do not read this until you have.

Embodying Chaos: Why the Joker and the Goose are the Same Character

Alex Whiteman takes a closer look at two of 2019’s most popular releases, and explores the similarities between the most famous killer clown in fiction, and a goose.

Fresh Footprints on the Moon

Tiger-Lily Goldsmith explores some of the reasons it has been so long since man set foot on the moon.

League of Legends Finals at Clapham Grand

Syed Aadil Ali recounts the League of Legends Finals.


Alexander Clark examines the positive and negative effects of drones and how they might shape our future.

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