Science & Gaming

Facebook and Elections: Are they doing enough?

Ellie writes about the influence of social media on the American election

Diversity in STEM

Rida writes about the need for diversity in STEM.

Book review: Superior: The return of race science by Angela Saini

Sonia writes her review of Angela Saini’s book

Freshers’ Tech Guide

Jake Little guides us through the tech on campus for an easy transition for freshers into University life.

Fact from Fiction: COVID 19

Mitchell Bettell discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and its representation in the media, and explains safety precautions we can take.

COVID-19: The Science of Coronaviruses

Ellie enlightens us to the science of COVID-19.

Esports and Accessibility; A Conversation with Royal Holloway’s Games Society

Alex discusses the esports community on campus whilst in conversation with Royal Holloway’s Game Society

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