Science & Gaming

COVID-19: The Science of Coronaviruses

Ellie enlightens us to the science of COVID-19.

Esports and Accessibility; A Conversation with Royal Holloway’s Games Society

Alex discusses the esports community on campus whilst in conversation with Royal Holloway’s Game Society

Lockdown Gamer and Proud

Ellie describes her experiences of gaming throughout Lockdown.

Civilization 6 And Learning About Climate Change

Climate change isn’t often addressed in many games but Civilisation 6, as Daniel Woolley explains, can teach us a lot about the impact it will have on us.

Your Guide To Internet Privacy

In a world where internet giants make the headlines daily, Jamie Woods dissects whether or not we should be scared of the internet and what we can do to make ourselves feel safer.

The silver lining of mutually assured destruction – nuclear peace

Kaelin Dignam argues why the existence of nuclear weapons may not be as terrible as we think.

A Netflix-For-Games; Why Google Stadia Wasn’t It.

Alex Whiteman explores why Google Stadia was a failure, and what direction cloud-based streaming can take in the future.

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