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Samuel explains 5G and what it means for the future.

Sustainability in Healthcare

How can hospitals and public healthcare become more sustainable?

Socially Distanced Social Games

Florence gives some examples of social games you can play whilst socially distancing.

Animal Crossing: The Saviour of Lockdown

Alex tells us why we should be playing Animal Crossing!

Ubisoft – A “Boys Club” Rife With Sexual Harassment

Alex Whiteman writes about the allegations made against video game developer Ubisoft, and what we can do to support the victims. We reached out to Ubisoft for comment, but were not able to reach the right person.

Women in STEM

Rachael writes about gender diversity in STEM.

Good Diversity in Games

Alex explores a selection of games and the diversity they include.

Facebook and Elections: Are they doing enough?

Ellie writes about the influence of social media on the American election

Diversity in STEM

Rida writes about the need for diversity in STEM.

Book review: Superior: The return of race science by Angela Saini

Sonia writes her review of Angela Saini’s book

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