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During the 2015 General Election, electoral participation was stronger amongst older age groups, with only 44% of 18-24 year olds even voting. Individually, your vote may seem insignificant, but collectively we can make a real difference. Non-voters think their votes don’t count, which is why I have compiled a list of #7ReasonsToVote in this year’s General Election.


  1. We live in a democracy, which means we can choose who runs our country; a freedom that many countries don’t have.
  1. Voting is a privilege and has never been so easy. The Suffragette movement fought for women’s right to vote. We live in a society where our race and gender has no affect on our ability to vote.
  1. The upcoming general election will dictate the next five years of your life. Who doesn’t want to have a say in their future?
  1. Students are always looking for ways to save money; fortunately, registering to vote is free!
  1. Voting is an opportunity for change. The more young people vote, the more likely it is politicians will enforce policies beneficial to your demographic.
  1. Every vote counts in an election. The 2015 General Election saw that in more than half of the UK constituencies, non-voters actually outnumbered the votes cast for the winning party.
  1. Voting gets your voice heard: if you don’t vote for your own interests, then who will?