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in sooth

in sooth, i know not why i am so sad i miss u in cerulean and orange emotional support jumper in full force one not to be reckoned with but dear god my intrusive thoughts are trying it’s not very late but i’ve got a tired ache brain ache self hate my favourite animal is […]


o beaut magpie ! inquisitive brown eyes feathered blue heart i see u everywhere well at least i think i do sometimes when i close my eyes u are flyin above me sometimes u visit at night in my dreams u come to me singin me lullabies u tell me everythin is gonna be okay […]


Going out should be fun with lots of drinking, Dancing away, not overthinking. But what can you miss even if you quickly blink?  The substance that was quickly put into your drink!  Our mums always told us cover it with your hand, And do not become a one man band.  Stay with your friends and […]

I Do Not Write Love Poetry

but memoirs  on your arcs  pilings  of tobacco  peppered question  marks  morning  it is raining  paraoxysms from my crown  wordlessly you pour for me tempers tremors now dusk I am awake again here another drought I silhouette  your body softly  smoke you out Photo credits: Photo by Robert Ruggiero on Unsplash

Gutter Talk

early mornings in plettenberg bay five am & the sun was not yet high  but it was warm still and bright  plett sun is a different breed rich was by my side back then & red flocks flew west when they heard  that laugh hingeless & hungered & hollering oorah those ears car  doors on […]

Bedtime Stories for a Grieving Child no. 4: Royal Holloway on Fiction

His wrinkles were gone. His crows’ feet only just starting to set in, the laugh lines around his mouth less pronounced than what I was used to. He wore his starched white business shirt, sweat faintly dripping down his brow, his hair just starting to recede. There he stood in his stiff work clothes, a […]

The Samaritans Left me on Voicemail Imao

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