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October 2020: Diversity Issue

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November 2017

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September 2017

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Royal Holloway to offer asymptomatic Covid-19 testing

Royal Holloway will offer all students and staff asymptomatic Covid testing to enable travel home for the holidays.

Egham Museum’s Adventures of Flora Seville

Egham Museum’s interactive twitter thread gains popularity- a great activity for lockdown!

The role gender and race are playing in the American election

Charis explores the role gender and race are playing in the 2020 US election.

Lewis Hamilton: From Racing Driver to Social Activist

James Bowers discusses Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton’s recent social activism and the motorsport industry’s reactions.

The Evolving Diversity of Media Platforms

Courtney talks about diversity within media platforms.

Black British History is Just as Important as African American History

Renée Lewis discusses the emphasis on African American history over black British history, and how this needs to change.

Support of UK black-owned businesses

Emily tells us how we can support UK black-owned businesses, with examples in hair, beauty and fashion.

Refugees in Crisis

Thea discusses the harmful mindset towards refugees in the UK.

What diversity means to us: RHUL Brazilian Society

Brazilian Society told us what diversity means to them.

Acknowledging White Privilege

Thea and Renée discuss white privilege in light of the BLM protests.

The BBC Must Drop Their Anti-LGBTQ ‘Impartiality’ Rules

Jamie Woods reacts to the BBC’s controversial new impartiality guidelines

BGT is an Insult to Black Art

Elizabeth Ajao talks about how Britain’s Got Talent doesn’t provide an accepting space for black artistry.

Ireland’s Dangerous Disregard for ‘Otherness’ and Diversity

Bridget shares her experience of Ireland’s reaction to “otherness”.

Discourse and Disclosure: Representation in media

Finn Murphy discusses the representation of transgender people in the media.

#InstaVsReality – Helpful or Harmful?

Izzy Smith takes a look at the #instavsreality trend and its effect on body positivity.

Why has sex education not been overhauled yet?

Jordan looks at the shortcomings of sex education and what could be done to improve it.

Women, Doing It For Themselves

Elena and Thea talk about how lingerie is become more inclusive so everyone can feel sexy.

Hustle Culture During the Covid-19 Pandemic – Can This Be Problematic?

Francesca describes the pressures of hustling during lockdown.

The Rise of TikTok

Francesca Benvenutto discusses the growing popularity of TikTok.

Making New Friends At University During the Pandemic

Renée gives some advice on how to meet people and make friends given current restrictions.

Mental Health in Pop Music

Clarissa looks at the topic of mental health in pop music, focusing on Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, and Logic.

Artist of the Month: Chakkri Kaewkhamsorn

An introduction to photographer Chakktri Kaewkhamsorn.

Book Review: ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor E. Frankl

Thom reviews Man’s Search for Meaning and discusses how it has helped him.

Confessional Writing and the Destigmatisation of Mental Health

Jack looks at how confessional poetry has helped to destigmatise mental health.

As lockdown returns with a second season no-one asked for, here’s how film can help with your mental wellbeing over this lonesome winter.

Harry discusses some films that positively represent mental health, and gives his own suggestions.

Historical Appropriation: Black History Month and WWII

Owen writes about historical appropriation and the Air Force Memorial.

Editors Try What Campus Has to Offer

Claudia continues the serial of ‘Editors Try…’

‘Our Voices’ Interview

An interview with Royal Holloway’s magazine Our Voices for BAME creatives

The Editors Try… Keto

Owen Williams records his and Claudia’s journey on the Keto diet, in the first of an Editors Try series.

Spotlight on LGBT+ society

Jordan interviews members of the LGBT+ society to ask some questions for our students.

Ubisoft – A “Boys Club” Rife With Sexual Harassment

Alex Whiteman writes about the allegations made against video game developer Ubisoft, and what we can do to support the victims. We reached out to Ubisoft for comment, but were not able to reach the right person.

Women in STEM

Rachael writes about gender diversity in STEM.

Good Diversity in Games

Alex explores a selection of games and the diversity they include.

Facebook and Elections: Are they doing enough?

Ellie writes about the influence of social media on the American election

Diversity in STEM

Rida writes about the need for diversity in STEM.

“A multitude of tiny orbs…”

A poem by Royal Khodaie.

What are you going through?

A short story by Cathy Snarey.

The Lake and Your Name

Hayley writes a short story called ‘The Lake and Your Name’.

I’ll tell you again

Elizabeth has written a short story called ‘I’ll tell you again’.

A Ghost Story

Niamh writes a ghost story!

Year Abroad Experiences

Two students share their experiences of studying/working abroad as part of their course at RHUL.

The Joy of Student Tours: why you should make the most of joining a society

Eleanor Clark talks student tours, and her experience on History society’s trip to Athens and Absolute Harmony’s tour to Malta.

Lovely local locations

So you’ve arrived at Royal Holloway and maybe you’re feeling a bit cheated. University of London? As if; we’re in the middle of Surrey! Even though we’re only 40 minutes away so the big city is very much within reach, there are some gorgeous natural spots and places to visit closer to home too. At […]

Our Brave New World?

FCO Ambassador James Reynolds offers his advice on travelling in the current climate.

FCO Ambassador: Keep Calm & Carry On

As an FCO Ambassador, James Reynolds offers his advice regarding COVID-19 and travel during this difficult time.