Class and Disability: Disconnected or Intertwined?

According to the Government’s 2020 Family Resources Survey, there are 14.1 million disabled people in the UK. It has recently become more apparent than ever that even in the 21st Century, social class is still a defining factor in people’s lives. But how these classes affect disabled people, and why they might be more vulnerable […]

1942 Recipe: Eggless Sago Pudding – Vintage Cooking (The Student Version)

Women’s magazines from the 1940s are riddled with wartime propaganda. Whilst their husbands, brothers and fathers were fighting overseas, women learnt to effectively hold down the household under wartime restrictions. This isn’t to say that women of the 1940s were exclusively homemakers; there are plenty of ads in the February 1942 issue of Woman that […]

Queer at Royal Holloway: Interviewing our LGBT+ Community

University is often considered a place to ‘find yourself’. Most students have come straight from A-Levels, from the cliquey savagery that defines one as ‘popular’, ‘unpopular’, ‘weird’, ‘edgy’. In my experience of a small-town, back-arse-of-nowhere all-girls’ school, these categories trumped any personal identity. University, on the other hand, is all about individuality. Sometimes it’s almost […]

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! Top tips for a comfortable uni experience

For many, this article might seem like a toe-curling embarrassment to read. The title alone might have been enough to bring a flush to your cheeks or you might feel the need to slam this page closed to protect yourself from the prudish judgement of nosey passers-by. Whatever it got you thinking is absolutely fine, […]

Asexuality: A does not stand for Ally

The LGBTQIA+ community is one that covers a range of labels. The accepted acronym is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer (it can also stand for Questioning), and Intersex.  The A, however, is often debated, and is widely believed to stand for Ally. This isn’t the case, (although allies to the LGBT+ community are always welcomed), […]

‘Secure’ the bag- tips for safe sex and healthy relationships

Safety during sex is paramount for physical and mental health; in the words of Lil Wayne, “Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex, cause you don’t want that late text, that ‘I think I’m late’ text”. When it comes to sex, university is a battlefield of chlamydia and misinformation, and it can be […]

Stop the Sex Stigma

Sex is not an entry requirement for uni; there is no ‘please achieve ABB in your subjects… plus you must’ve lost your virginity’, so why are people made to feel like they are failing if they have not experienced it? They are made to feel abnormal if they are not prepared to hook up with […]

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