Seasonal Depression: more than ‘down in the dumps’

With November drawing to a close, any remnants of warm afternoons or bright mornings have disappeared. December often marks a time of festivities, curling up around fireplaces or sharing blankets with friends. However, it can also become a time when mental health plummets and you feel at your lowest.  If your mental health rapidly fluctuates […]

Naughty or nice? Festive traditions and how to stay on the environmental ‘nice list’ this Christmas

It’s festive season, folks! While this time of year can be a foggy mess of mince pies and mulled wine, turkey and family issues, the joyous cries of Cousin Bertha receiving her third Fenty lip-gloss are drowned out by the planet screaming at us to get our act together. The UK alone produces an additional […]

Mistreated, Misunderstood: The Illness Affecting Millions of Women, Many of Whom Don’t Even Know It Yet.

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows in other places. It can cause severe pain, bleeding, scar tissue, nausea, infertility and more. 1 in 9 people born with a uterus (I like to call us womb wielders!) live with it, and there’s currently no definitive cure. Despite how […]

Humans Vs Zombies: A Society Breaking Rules

How would you feel if there was a zombie apocalypse on campus? Most would be shocked or terrified, but Aston Young would describe it as ‘one of the best experiences at University.’ Aston is the president of Royal Holloway’s Humans Vs. Zombies (HvZ) society, which hosts an exhilarating 24/7 tag game that takes place across campus, […]

Four Cheap and Easy Ways to Mitigate Climate Change as a Student at Royal Holloway

With the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) happening in Glasgow, discussions surrounding mitigating and adapting to climate change are circulating around campus. Human activities (primarily deforestation, burning fossil fuels and agricultural practices) increase the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. The IPCC predict that rising global temperatures are […]

Fuck Amazon, shop Small this Xmas!

With a net worth of 198.8 billion dollars, do you really need to be handing Jeff Bezos your money this Christmas?  Every year there is a festive panic as thousands rush to big corporations like Amazon, Asda and Primark to purchase last-minute hot water bottles, strings of fairy lights and fluffy socks. Of course, you would; […]

The Benefits of Working as a Full-time Student: Undergrad 2021 Edition

Working whilst studying has become increasingly popular over the years, with almost all of my student friends having a part time job alongside their full-time degree. In fact, research has shown that over half the student population work to subsidise their studies. I could begin by arguing semantics and my standpoint on the increase of […]

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