Ryan Woods

Food for Thought

Ryan Woods on the wastefulness of Western culture. The French Senate voted unanimously on a law which forces supermarkets in the country to give all their unwanted food to charities, a move that was met with international applaud. Back in Britain, a few months ago, Morrisons became the UK’s first supermarket to do the same […]

The Clash of Cultures

Ryan Woods on why migration isn’t as simple as it may seem. The fairly recent attack on the Munich subway by four migrants will undoubtedly add to the deafening roar of arguments both for and against a more inclusive Europe. One side more welcoming to refugees and migrants and the other a more closed off ‘each […]

Nuclear Weapons: A Necessary Evil?

The Labour Party is facing a potential crisis: its Scottish branch has come out in support against the renewal of Trident, the UK’s nuclear weapons system.  In the rest of the UK the maintaining of the programme is largely supported, although its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is in agreement with Scottish Labour in their opposition.  As […]