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From Egham to Waterloo

Trains. Sometimes they are late or sometimes they are on time which is a rare case for a regular traveller like myself. The main point is that they get us to our destination quickly or eventually. However, there has often been the thought of how to make a trip out just using a return from Egham to Waterloo which costs £7.05 (with the 16-25 railcard) or £10.70 for a return without the railcard. I am sure that no-one has been to every stop on that route. I certainly hadn’t until recently. It is a lovely little way of exploring the surrounding areas outside of Egham and further on.

Here’s my suggestions for what to do at every stop from Egham to Waterloo and make the most out of the £7.05/£10.70 ticket:

Staines: There is the obvious choice of taking a trip to Thorpe Park but that would be an ideal trip if you are going in a big group because you would be able to save a lot more money and still have plenty of fun. However for the moments that you are travelling by yourself or even in a small group, I recommend taking the Thorpe Park Express into the centre of Staines. There is a shopping centre with a variety of shops, so shop to your heart’s content and get those bargains.

Feltham: Why not try a game of tenpin bowling and get into that competitive spirit. There is also Hounslow Urban Farm where you can visit the farm animals and be surrounded by animals galore. Neigh! Moo! Quack!

Twickenham: Stop off for a rugby game at Twickenham Stadium.

Richmond: Go to Richmond Park, where you can do a variety of activities which anyone can enjoy. The activities range from cycle hire, golf, fishing, running and even being able to rent a horse to ride throughout the park.

Clapham Junction: Hop off and grab a hot drink at the variety of cafes that there is.  Relax, enjoy the hustle and bustle of the streets of Clapham itself. Even so, if the weather is particularly lovely then why not, grab a hot drink and head to Clapham Common with the 220 acres of green grass. You can sit down, enjoy your hot beverage and enjoy the surroundings.

London Waterloo: As soon as you arrive at the station, there is an array of restaurants and cafes where you can stop off for some dinner. Then why not, take a stroll by the River Thames or go to watch a play at the National Theatre.

Instead of taking a direct trip to London, consider beforehand if you haven’t been to places along the way because you will discover the hidden gems around and make a surprisingly great day out. There is more than just London. Try it yourself.