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Exploring the Amalfi Coast

I’ve never been one to enjoy winter weather, especially not when it consists of seemingly endless rain. When I find myself feeling particularly despondent in the face of another downpour, I begin to daydream of sunnier climes; if you, too, resort to this technique, then look no further. Here is a comprehensive list of places to go, in and around one of my favourite parts of the world – the sunny and gorgeous Amalfi Coast, where I was lucky enough to live on my year abroad last year.


Only a ferry-ride away from the beautiful Capri, but not a place to be overlooked. Sorrento showcases stunning sea views wherever you are in town. Perfect to get yourself in a sunny mood by sitting at a bar by the sparkling water, sipping a cocktail and building up a glamorous tan.


You’d think they wouldn’t have built the town again after what happened to the first one, but they have, and thankfully it’s lovely. Explore the sprawling ruins in the afternoon sun; enjoy a cool Italian lemonade (or a delicious gelato), or take a trip up Mount Vesuvius, where you can admire the rest of the coast spread out before you.


To reach Capri, you need to take a ferry from Sorrento – which might sound tiresome, but it’s definitely worth it. The island is pretty small, but you can ride the funicular railway up among the clouds, take a little boat into the amazing Grotta Azzurra, or wander leisurely around the Gardens of Augustus – even walking along the Via Krupp all the way down to the sea.


Salerno is the odd one of the bunch; arguably it is at its most desirable during winter, when the Christmas lights take over the entire town. However, sticking with the sunshine theme, there is nothing quite like walking along the seafront with an ice-cream in hand and the sunlight glittering on the waves.


A bus ride through winding hills is required to reach Amalfi; nestled in the cliffs and stretching up and back away from the seafront. Amalfi boasts a surprising amount of things to keep you entertained such as the cathedral which is the main event. However, Amalfi is also surrounded by lots of tiny, interesting shops, and restaurants with service that will make you feel like a member of the owner’s family.