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Faces of Holloway: May 2013

Freddie Rayner: I’ve been modelling since I was 17 – I got scouted waiting for a bus in my school uniform and it’s been a roller coaster ever since. There have been crazy shoots… there was one in Paris where we had to get up at some god-awful time and we ended up just running around the city. It’s quite difficult to find clothes in my size so I usually go all over. If I see something cool I’ll probably buy it – but knowing me I’d probably wreck it a few days later. If I could, I would probably change my height, by about an inch or two. My favourite thing about myself? I’d say it’s the travel I’ve been on – it just feels really good to know I can ship myself off to the furthest flung places across the world and somehow survive.

Photography: Gyan Gurang