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First Date Gone Wrong

First dates. No matter what we think, the first date does have a significant role in what is to come in a relationship. After all, if the first date goes very well it does increase the likelihood of seeing that person again. It is analogous to the first domino that falls, causing every other domino to fall in turn. As Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and romantic first dates are pending, it is important to remember that not every date is a perfect one.

One of our students recounts her experience:

“There was a guy at the local River Island that I had fancied for a while, and I was ecstatic: finally he decided to ask me out for a date. As a keen wig wearer, I decided to don my new Beyoncé brown curly wig for this date, as this was my prime opportunity to allure him. When he picked me up, I could feel it was bound to go really well; he complimented my outfit, and of course commented on how gorgeous my hair was, asking if it was mine. I hastily agreed that it was all my hair, and off we proceeded to the date he had booked – roller skating disco.


Still on my mission to enchant him, I was skating all over the place and really showing him that I know what I’m doing – he was clearly impressed. Whilst in the middle of a signature twirl, I bumped into a child and I fell to the ground, myself skidding right but my wig detaching itself and flying left! I quickly stood up and put myself together whilst laughing, without realising that I had been de-wigged. I was absolutely mortified when he skated over to me and slowly handed the wig over to me. I silently skated off and left the rink. I can tell you that I have been shopping in the River Island in the next town since then.”

Whether you are anticipating a first date, staying in bed watching Netflix and chilling alone, or unlucky in love, remember that not every first date leads to second or third ones. You may not have found the Kim K to your Kanye (or vice versa) yet and it is definitely not the end of the world.