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Letter from Farishta

05/01/05, Barki

From Farishta  


between the wheat countries


hunched like those women who chew beedis – we listened – unbathed unshat to our rusks

and watched thatches of earth 

become our new home

I thought of when we played shuttle once

you sang

you wouldn’t shut up

that song from Umrao Jaan your dada sings with his snake hookah around his neck 

didn’t I say

something like I will never marry

that I wished to be those bikers we saw while picking our marigolds

riding to Leh from the south like they meant to burgle the Himalayas – 

I bit Asif when he rode me for the first time

last night

I feared he will find my letter and – 

if this reaches 

you better not write back a poem