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Lovely local locations

So you’ve arrived at Royal Holloway and maybe you’re feeling a bit cheated. University of London? As if; we’re in the middle of Surrey! Even though we’re only 40 minutes away so the big city is very much within reach, there are some gorgeous natural spots and places to visit closer to home too. At a time when international travel is majorly out of sorts, hopefully these recommendations can somewhat entertain your wanderlust.

  1. Windsor Great Park

With over 4800 acres of gorgeous scenery on our doorstep, Royal Holloway truly boasts an incredible location with its proximity to Windsor Great Park. Virginia Water is a regular spot for students with its cascade waterfall, ruins, and towering totem pole making it perfect for cycling, running and leisurely sunset walks. 

There are a myriad of things to discover in the park, and everyone has their own favourite spots, but at some point during your time here you must go to the Long Walk, with its view down to Windsor Castle and the roaming red deer.

  1. Windsor

If you’ve walked all the way to the Long Walk (which is already a fairly long walk), you may as well walk into historic Windsor whilst you’re there! Alternatively jump on a train or a bus to save the leg work. The crown jewel of Windsor (if you will) is of course Windsor castle, but there’s also a great variety of shops and restaurants, not forgetting the lovely walk along the Thames.

  1. Runnymede Air Forces Memorial

In a lovely area of Egham, the Air Forces Memorial commemorates over 20,000 men and women who were lost in the Second World War. The memorial features beautiful sculpture, engraved glass and painted ceilings. Climb up all the winding stairs to the roof and you’ll be greeted with one of my favourite views.

  1. University Arboretum 

A hidden spot on campus, the arboretum is definitely worth a visit. Take a wander around the garden between lectures to see some unusual trees, flowers, and local wildlife.

We are very lucky to be studying and living is such a lovely area and there’s plenty to see- it just takes some curiosity.

Jordan Thorne