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Sitting alone in the room and talking to a camera – not something most of us are used to. And yet thousands of relatively normal people do those very things, pretty regularly. And have people watch them. Here’s our account of some new Youtubers that have caught our eye this month.

Youtube is not only a website for funny cats and fail videos, it’s become more than that. It has recently become a job for many users, with many of them able to work for YouTube thanks to their wide audience: the more subscribers and view on a video a channel gets, the higher probability it has to get YouTube partnership and thus earn money. But the universe of video-blogging is not just made of celebrities like PewDiePie, with over 31 million subscribers: there are many who fly under the radar in vlogland.

One of them is Connor Manning, known as “AconMann”, a 21 year old American, who started his channel in 2010 and who now has over 40000 subscribers. Connor makes funny weekly videos, but he recently touched many serious themes, such as sexuality and drug addiction. One of his most viewed video is “Bisexual Myths” where he dispels some of the stereotypes about bisexuals and sexuality in general.

Another talented content creator is Matt Houghton, known on the internet as “OmaNomMatt”. With more than 10000 subscribers, he combines his good skills in filming, with his funny videos ideas and collaborations. His most popular video is “The Sibling Test”, featuring his sister Rebecca.

The last of the list is Drew Gilchrist, known as “DrewIsSharing”. Drew started his channel in 2011 and has reached over 20000 subscribers thanks to his funny and interesting contents. He posted many clips of one of his passions, freerunning, but his most important video is “I am NOT uniform”, where he states the importance of being ourselves and not caring about judgments.

As most job markets these days (to our eternal dismay) YouTube has become very competitive: there are more and more channels trying to gain visibility and the consequent partnership, so it’s become extremely difficult for new users to become popular in a wider community. However, with interesting content and a stable and active audience, it is more likely to become known and thus gain views and subscribers. Somewhat shallowly, it seems that popular YouTubers seem to require two final criteria to become popular. Criteria one; be attractive. Criteria two; don’t be unattractive. It’s an interesting way to view popular YouTubers, those with huge amounts of subscribers, who make a living through YouTube – that they also have, in a way, a career in a new form of modeling.