Friday, August 19

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Addict or Anomaly

Addict or Anomaly

Whether it is caffeine, cigarettes or chocolate are we all addicts? It would seem that we all crave something; that thing that triggers a pathway to the brain where we cannot control the urge but to indulge in that vice. For example, somebody that spends four to five nights out of the week drowning his or her liver in beer at the local pub then finds it difficult to sleep at night the other three to four nights of the week we would call an alcoholic. However, there are other less noticed forms of addiction such as sarcasm, exaggeration, anger and technology. These commonly fall under the category of OCD (obsessive, compulsive disorder). According to the DSM: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, addictions fall underneath two categories, substance related disorders ...
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A Love Letter to Netflix

Hey, I would say it’s been a while, but we were together an hour ago when I should have been writing an essay. This is what I need to talk to you about. I think we need to take some time apart. Over summer, it seemed too good to be true. It was a perfect romance; all onesie days and staying up all night. Hours together. Days even? Maybe I’m exaggerating. We just got each other, you know? We had the same taste, we still do. If I wanted to binge watch Desperate Housewives for a week and barely surface from my room, so did you. If I’d come back from a night out and wanted to watch a quick comedy until I fell asleep, you were there with the Pepsi and popcorn – Well, at least it felt like you were. I think some higher power had intended for us to find each other. You’re the Immaculate Co...