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#BearsDay- Highs and Lows on First Football Fixtures

My first #BearsDay of the 2014/15 season was spent largely in a car travelling up and down to Portsmouth for this week’s Match of the Day: Portsmouth 3 – RHULFC 2. With only 11 players available for this game, and only two cars to transport those 11 (resulting in Alva Tawia and Pablo Aritio having to take the train down), the day started off hectic to say the least. After an hour and a half journey on the motorway, we only had 9 players when the referee blew the first whistle. It took our two train volunteers another half an hour to make it to the pitch, which required a heroic effort from the 9 on the pitch against 11 Pompeys, but boy did we hold out. RHULFC actually went up 2-0 before the opposition realised that just the numerical advantage was not going to give them the win. A he...