Thursday, August 11

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Beer & Cricket: An English Summer

Summer is upon us. Exams are finished, the weather is warm, and Crosslands is now full of the same wild eyed, frankly distressed looking people you saw in the library last month now shamelessly ordering several jugs of Pimm’s to themselves. But for the English, more specifically Englishmen such as myself of the bumbling, inelegant variety, summer can frankly be a bit of a nuisance. How is one meant to enjoy oneself when ‘getting out of the cold’ is no longer a valid excuse to hide in the dingy corner of a pub and methodically try all the guest ales, when al fresco drinking means escaping irritating or awkward company on the pretext of a smoke break is no longer possible, and it’s ten degrees too hot to wear even a light jacket? What I’m saying is, how do you enjoy summer when you basica...
Check out Royal Holloway’s Cricket Club! OPEN TO ALL
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Check out Royal Holloway’s Cricket Club! OPEN TO ALL

Whether you’re already a skilled player or haven’t yet picked up a cricket bat, cricket has something for everyone! There are many reasons why you should pursue this brilliant sport. This sport not only improves your overall health and fitness but also develops your rhythm and coordination skills. There is a strong team spirit both in training sessions and on the pitch.. If you have previously played hockey, golf, tennis or another racquet sport you would be well suited to giving cricket a try! Alternatively if you simply thrive off competition and get a thrill from winning then you should pick up this sport now! Cricket is all about socialising with your teammates and enjoying yourself both on and off the pitch. There is nothing more thrilling than a game which is taken to the last ...