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Continued Suspension of Royal Holloway UCU Equality Officer, Jeff Franks

Natasha Lam reports on the continued suspension of Royal Holloway UCU Equality Officer and Professor of Economics, Jeff Franks, with comment from anonymous sources.


Deputy Lifestyle Editor, Elizabeth Rosenberg, discusses how our nipples are a stepping stone to gender equality. We all remember Rachel Green, right? Jennifer Aniston’s character in the hit sit-com ‘Friends’, [didn’t] go on a break with Ross Geller, flatmate of Monica, quite often had her nipples out? What happened to that glorious time? I seem […]


The English language has many a foul word. Most are four letters. Many we now accept in day-to-day conversation without so much as a flinch. But utter ‘feminism’ in a conversation and it is likely one of two things will happen: a) conversation will continue albeit with some odd looks in your direction, or b) […]

The Backlash Against Feminism

There is no doubt that 2014 has been a great year for feminism (please note, before I fully begin, that I believe feminism entails equal rights for all genders). With the popularity of the HeForShe and the “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” movements feminism has gained a whole host of new supporters. However, […]