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Why are we all so scared of freebies?

It’s 1am on a Friday night at the SU and people are starting to trickle out, some a bit worse for wear. This is where the Christian Union Club Mission comes in, offering free water, doughnuts and crisps to tired revellers. Yet one question we seem to be asked is “How much is it?” Maybe it’s a ‘British’ thing but we don’t seem to accept the idea of freebies. When I suggested going to grab some free Ben & Jerry’s just a stone’s throw away from our flat, my flatmates were less than keen. Yet, as a student, I would think that everyone would jump at the chance to get something for nothing. As a devotee of the free stuff I cannot tell you why it’s been neglected by my peers, but I can guess that part of this is because they expect there to be a catch. Motives for giving out freebies di...