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Journalism: Maybe, Maybe Not.

Journalism: Maybe, Maybe Not.

Journalism is an amazing industry. Difficult, sure, but absolutely amazing. Of course, I’m biased in that view considering I am looking to go into this industry and, on good days, may even refer to myself as an actual journalist rather than a journalist-to-be. My life is filled with FOI requests, countless emails to interview subjects and half-finished articles in various Word Documents and I love it. I am always trying to get my friends interested in journalism and if you’ve spoken to me for longer than five minutes, it’s likely I’ll have tried to recruit you for this very magazine. People getting involved in journalism, and especially student journalism, is extremely important as we are facing accusations of ‘Fake News’, budget cuts and, more often than not, a stressful environment to wo...

The Reformed Student?

The summer. A time of being exam free, where lying down all day in the sun and drinking a cider at 11am seems perfectly acceptable and where short-shorts make their repeated dreaded appearance. Either way, it is meant to be our time to relax. Well, that’s wrong… and I shall explain why. Having recently taken up a two week internship slot to work with Poet in the City, a charitable organisation that seek to bring new audiences to poetry events across London, I’ve suddenly seen the light in terms of using my spare time to get whatever experience I can for the future. Gone are my days of staying in bed until beyond midday, I am rid of the times when wearing my pyjamas all day was a reasonable response to rainy weather. I am now an early-bird riser on their laptop throughout the day look...