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#BearsDay- Shocking! Pre-initiations match to be more than actual initiations!

On the 15th October, the Women's 2nd Lacrosse team played their first BUCS match ever. It was an interesting experience, leaving me unable to disclose the score for reasons of pride... By the time we got to Brighton everyone in the SSHH bus, except for 3 people (including the driver) who were doing karaoke to 'Blue - Da-ba-dee-da-ba-da', was asleep. The other half of our fun crew, who were driving, almost didn't make it at all past the M25 because of their car's bad temper. With transport problems solved, we woke up, proceeded to the changing rooms, were amazed by the fact that they had a swimming pool (so unfair), warmed up, realised that we forgot half the stuff we needed in the changing room, went back, got it, and became more organised. All in all, everyone managed to get shoes on, ...