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Street Racing: The middle finger to motorsports
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Street Racing: The middle finger to motorsports

The Midnight Club, Drifting, Fast and the Furious, NASCAR, and booze.  Yes, booze.  The staple ingredient to university life and the warm friend when life all goes south. This legal drug is weirdly responsible for arguably the most outlaw of sports– street racing.  Between the 1920s and 1930s, during the Prohibition era, a cult emerged of bootleggers, otherwise known as moonshine runners. They were the alcohol transporters, who drove like mad men to outrun the cops when smuggling alcohol.  Sounds like a blast if you ask me.  These moonshine runners would buy the latest and greatest cars of the era, modifying them to give them that extra bit of umph to outrun the police. This was the accidental birth of street racing, and believe it or not, would later ...
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A Review of Formula E

Beijing, Saturday 13th September. At the site of the former Olympic park thousands of fans gathered for the inaugural Formula E Grand Prix. It’s the most recent addition to motorsport and everyone was waiting in anticipation. Even Leonardo DiCaprio was getting in on the act – he’s co-founder of one of the teams. So what is Formula E? Put simply, electric motor racing with zero emission cars. Ten teams have two drivers, who in turn have two cars each. For the first Formula E season every team has the same car meaning that everyone is equal on a car-performance level. There are currently 9 races on the calendar, with the final being held in London in June 2015. The one-day event is action packed, meaning fans don’t have to travel to and from the circuits over three days as they would at o...