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I’m wandering around aimlessly, alone. It’s dark out, so dark. I can barely see before me. It feels like it should be snowing. I wish it was snowing. That would be more romantic at least. Without the snow it’s just sad. I am so very alone. I’m sitting now. I’ve changed my mind, I stand. I sit again. I lie back, and stretch out on the cold, damp floor. I move to make a snow angel. The gravel scratches my bare ankles. When did I lose my shoes? I’m staring at the sky and it is charcoal. I can hear shouting. It’s muffled; everything sounds underwater. I close my eyes and I can see bright colours, swirling and twirling in a black ocean. Electricity vibrates through the current and the bubbles are fluorescent. This isn’t beautiful. This isn’t artistic. I see this every time I close my eyes. I ha...