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Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism It’s a new year and many of us are making the usual resolutions: eat healthier, drink less, be more organised, and so on. But how about entering a new year, a new term as an effective altruist? What is effective altruism? ‘A philosophy and social movement which applies evidence and reason to determining the most effective ways to improve the world.’ (Wikipedia, n.d.) Each of us buy things that we don’t really need. We buy fashion items, have lavish meals out, and even drink bottled water when the water we drink out of the tap is perfectly safe to drink. By not having 4 meals out which would come to around £70, and giving the money to a relevant charity you could pay for 150 months’ worth of education for children in poverty. Being an effective altruist is mor...
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Rich, Russian & Living in London – A Documentary Review

‘Rich, Russian & Living in London’: a title worthy of Channel 4, but it is, in fact, the name of the BBC’s latest foray into cutting-edge documentary. An account of a selection of wealthy Russian-Londoners, we delve into the depths of a world unseen by, and unknown to most of the population. Those of us who cannot afford rhinestone-encrusted Jaguars or whimsically spend hundreds of thousands on an artwork. It is, in a way, for the majority of the documentary, a sort of fetishisation of a high-life, seemingly without care or consequence. A disgustingly gluttonous display of excess. It is appealing. But it is capitalism on steroids. A reaction against years of suppression and corruption in Russia (although the latter is merely hinted at). They have signed up holus-bolus to th...