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Afternoon Delight, anyone?

Elizabeth Rosenberg discusses a method that will relieve all of your stress.   When you tell someone you’re stressed, here’s what your housemate/family/the internet will tell you to do: go for a walk, meditate, eat a pizza, change your perspective, have a cuppa (or a pint), do some yoga, learn better coping strategies. Being in my third year, I have tried most of these and let me tell you – you won’t want to exercise, instead you will want to wallow in your bed; the pizza will make you feel bloated so you’ll feel fat and stressed; the “learn better coping strategies” plan (albeit completely correct) isn’t really a short term fix. Luckily, I’ve come up with a stress relief tactic that works nearly 100% of the time and means 1. You won’t have to leave your bedroom. 2. It makes ...