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Why Thrift Stores are your new best friend

Are you a student on a budget? Do you fancy paying £10 for 15 items? Then thrift stores are for you! I hit the East End of London to grab myself a bargain. VOGUE named it ‘the legendary cult vintage store’ and as I walked in, it wasn't hard to see why. Generally I love rummaging through charity shops for vintage gems, and thrift stores are great places to find a bunch of items at a bargain price. As opposed to paying for each item of clothing individually, at a thrift store you pay for a bag- a small one for £10 or a larger one for £20- and you fill fill fill! I bagged myself (pardon the pun) over 15 items and I certainly found a few diamonds amongst the stones! One shopper has said: ‘you never know what you may find and that’s the beauty of it.’ Thrift stores have everything from le...