Monday, June 17Royal Holloway's offical student publication, est. 1986

Two short poems: Our Little Secret and Petals

Our Little Secret:

Tiptoeing across the stars,

and squeezing close beneath

the duvet of night- we can’t let them see.

Talking in kisses and glances,

morse code touches across

our bodies- we can’t let them hear.

Trapping our hearts

in the silence and dark-

above all we cannot let them know.

Cannot let them extinguish 

our already restrained moon glow,

it’s our little secret- don’t let it go.


I swear she’s made of petals,

and her hair blossoming vines.

She smells of running away

and lighter, easier times.

She twines round my existence,

curling round her sturdy shoots.

I could never pluck her from me

for we share the same roots.