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An update from your on-campus shows!

The Real Inspector Hound
Inspector Hound has been rehearsing hard for the last two weeks, getting every gasp and melodramatic cry on point. The show is now blocked and the polishing is well into its last stages. Our crew is currently preparing for our quiz and launch nights, and as we enter the final couple of weeks, it’s looking like a spiffing good show! Be sure ¬†you come to see the play-within-a-play, murder mystery and satirical joy that is The Real Inspector Hound when our doors open on the 29th of October.
Oh it’s a lovely war
It feels like we’ve barely started rehearsing yet, the cast is sounding beautiful and looking great already! With the centenary marking a poignant reminder of why this production is so important; it’s magnificent to see it come to life.

Everything is being prepared for our launch night at Monkeys on the 6th November; and even more so for our Remembrance Day Concert on the 11th.

On the 21st of November, the show to end all shows comes to Royal Holloway!
Rehearsals for FAME are ‘Hard Work’ but we are doing very well! With almost all numbers learnt and act one completed we are speeding through and having a lot of fun at the same time. We are all looking forward to our amazing upcoming events such as Fear Pong and our launch night (on the 28th of October and 3rd of November, respectively) which are open to everyone so please come along! The show is just about a week away and we are more then excited to show our production to the people of Royal Holloway so… Remember our name, FAME!