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Winter Layering

Layering essential number 1: The jean

Be it high waisted, skinny, ripped or boot-cut, jeans are the undisputed essential when it comes to successful Layering. Not only does it act as a foundation for your entire outfit, you can easily take the infamously beloved jeans from day, (by simply throwing on a leather jacket over a white shirt and topping it off with some ballet pumps) to night, (with some heels and a tuxedo blazer.)

Layering Essential number 2: the statement coat

Struggling with the idea of investing in a statement coat whilst on a student budget is daunting to say the least. However, from October to March your outerwear is the first thing that everybody sees, so why not make a statement? Still struggling with the idea? Higstreet giants such as H&M often collaborate with high end designers such as Alexandra Wang to give you affordable runway pieces, Topshop offer up to 20% off if you simply present your Royal Holloway campus card and if that still doesn’t work for you then why not brave the January Sales.

Layering essential number 3: The chunky scarf

There is only one truth when it comes to the art of the chunky scarf: that it is a must. Not only does it allow you to continue wearing your spring/autumn coats and jackets as it will do the tough job of keeping you warm, but adding that orange or red scarf is the pop of colour needed to spruce up any dull winter ensemble.

Layering essential number 4: Sleek Black turtleneck

You will not be taking it back to the 90’s when it comes to rocking your turtleneck; trust me when I suggest that a fitted black turtleneck will be your best friend when it comes to fighting off the cold. And believe it or not, the possibilities are endless from a stylistic point of view. Why not layer it underneath a jumper, a coat or for a more formal occasion even tuck it into a skirt!

Layering essential number 5: The boyfriend cardigan  

A fun and flirty print on a boyfriend cardigan is a foolproof way of looking good, without even trying hard. Just bring some sunshine into these dark and chilly winter days; take inspiration from the boys and don’t be afraid to experimenting with menswear. You’d be surprised how amazing the results could be. statement-coat the jean