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2015: Playing the Game

Bears find it hard to come back after hibernation… considering the mince pies, Christmas feasts, and New Years Eve extravaganza. Yet amidst the holiday cheer, basketball bears weren’t fooling around; 2015 has hit the ground running for both Men’s and Women’s Basketball.
The ladybears started off with their first game of 2015 on the home court v. UEL (University of East London). The tables turned, as this was the first close game the girls have played all season, holding their undefeated record with large margins in all of their past games. Having beat UEL in the first half of the season by 77 points, UEL surprised RHUL with two new players. The game was a rollercoaster, up in the first half by 17, then down by 8 in the 3rd quarter, only to win 65-60. It proved one thing for the Women’s team: resilience. The success continued with a HUGE congratulations when the girls beat Brighton away 68-41, and came out undefeated and TOP of the BUCS league division 1A, and substantially ahead of the rest in goal differences- premiership in sights!
Our boys started off their season with big numbers in their home game v. LSE (London School of Economics). These bears were hungry for blood and came onto the court ready, sending LSE home with a 109-49 defeat. A game won, not easily, but by great defence, communication and pressure. The boys kept up a full-court press for the majority of the playing time, dominating the floor. Their next away game they lost by 1, which is always tough, especially in a season where our boys have won several close games by the same margin. As you’re reading this the manbears are training hard in preparation for the last stretch of the season, determined to continue utilizing the team of fresh talent.
Apparently the RHUL Bears are growing in their reputation, as the past 3 games for the Basketball Club the opposition hasn’t been able to rise to the challenge, resulting in easy walkovers for our basketballers. All in all these next months will be packed with activity for our teams, let’s continue to rise to the occasion, and as always, LET’S GO BEARS.