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The ABCs of a Club

If you’re thinking of joining a sport or society, there are couple of things you need to know about becoming a member.
A) Initiations will be wild – Students + CIYK/CIYS = chaos. If you choose to drink, you will likely wake up with a vague memory of shots, chanting and men in lycra. You haven’t attended some satanic ritual, it was just the rowing team passing by. Also, you will probably be forced to wear your sparklingly brand new kit to the SU which may/may not come back in one piece. And at least one of you will end up on Spotted…

B) You will dress up – …so stock up on your fancy dress (i.e. visit Egham Essentials). The usual themes will likely crop up throughout the year – toga, military, school – but your club will probably have a strange theme of its own. If you see someone wandering round in yellow and dungarees, they’re a minion. Just shout ‘banana’.

C) It will be amazing – Whichever club you choose to join, you will have a fantastic time. You will meet new people, make new memories, learn new things. Whether you want to compete in university leagues or just indulge in a hobby, joining a club is the best way to take a break from the books and really make the most of your time at university.


[A safety note from the SU and the Orbital Team: The SU has a strict policy against forcing people to drink, and sports and socs will host non-alcohol-related socials throughout the year. Never feel like you have to drink (like that will stop most of you)]

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