Natasha Phillips

Talking Trash

Natasha Phillips talks about the problem with plastic waste and what we can do to be better consumers.

Reduced-Anxiety Events: Neglected, but Necessary

Natasha Phillips comments on why mental illness does not receive the same consideration as physical illness in most venues.

The New Voices of Podcasting

Natasha describes how podcasting is providing a more diverse alternative to broadcast

‘Warning Explicit Content’: Is Censorship Needed in the Music Industry?

Censorship is a hotly contested issue and one with a long history of misuse and authoritarian control, but does it still have a place in a 21st century society? Izzy Swanson and Natasha Phillips debate the need for censorship in music. Izzy: against censorship  A quarter of the current top 40 singles on the official UK music […]

‘Absolute madness’: A reflection on stigma in everyday language

Natasha Phillips explores how society exacerbates Mental Health stigma with language Awareness of mental illness has seen considerable progress over the past decade, and yet, language used to describe and classify mental disorders is still being misused. “Mentally-ill” may have the most synonyms of any word in the English dictionary, and so many of them […]

The Case Against Grammar Schools

Natasha Philips presents her argument against grammar schools. After being phased out 50 years ago, grammar schools are back on the agenda. Theresa May has declared her intention to lift the ban on selective education to help children from poorer families to do better, while Labour continue to oppose the change. However, could prioritising grammars […]

Why Activism Has Been Given a Bad Name

Natasha Phillips on the power of student activism. An activist is defined as an individual who campaigns for social or political change, who sees a problem and acts on it to make a difference. This is the type of endeavour we should encourage and support, but many don’t. Activists have a bad image – they […]

Economical with the Truth: Lying on Your CV

Natasha Phillips discusses the phenomenon of lying on your CV.

The Forgotten Minds of Refugees

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have made the difficult journey across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe this year alone, risking their lives to escape widespread poverty and political unrest in their country. Whilst this global event has been widely publicised in the media, the reality that many refugees suffer from mental illness is recognised much […]