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We’re all falling for Wingman

Ever found yourself way out of your depth, falling so fast you barely even felt the ground as it slipped from underneath you? Ever wished that the person you fell for would, somehow, also be the one to catch you? Ever felt the pinch of Cupid’s arrow as it hits you on your – ahem – derrière and known, almost instantaneously, that you were in trouble…

Us too.

When Cupid lands on a university campus, he has only one thing on his mind – earning back his wings. He soon finds out that his one, single, tiny mistake isn’t so small after all and he has a whole lot more to learn about falling in love than he could have possibly imagined.

Wingman is the SURHUL Film Festival society’s latest project. In collaboration with RhubarbTv, the project is a six week long web-series set to be aired early next year. The story follows Q, a newly demoted Cupid in desperate need of earning his wings back and returning to the heavens. Dealing with small, seemingly insignificant cases of love, he slowly learns what it is to fall for someone in the modern world. His antiquated, quirky charm (and new best friends Jim, Emma and Bobby) are the only things that will see him through it. It quickly becomes clear that those small, seemingly insignificant cases are exactly where the magic happens.

With filming happening this term (be warned: prop weapon in use), the show will be released in January, with the final episode hitting the internet, naturally, on Valentine’s day. Be sure to keep your eye out for us over the next few weeks, for there’s an arrow out there somewhere with your name on it… Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at /WingmanQ5.

Crash landing soon.