Wednesday, June 19Royal Holloway's offical student publication, est. 1986

An International Outlook: Royal Holloway from a Common Wealth Dweller’s Point of View

While not stunning in terms of organization, is a delightful university with a Hogwarzian aesthetic (though without the constant child endangerment). Trying to organize classes in an unfamiliar system, especially for me with my odd combination of Biology and Drama, was a nightmare, though a nightmare made far more relaxing by the intuition and kindness of the student advisers.

The Founders dorm, originally built in the late 1800s, has modern day finishes seamlessly mixed in with the building’s original ornate, somewhat-Gothic charm. The result is a clean, spacious and inviting room perfect for studying and socializing. The food served in the beautiful sky blue Founder’s canteen is quintessentially British, with baked beans every morning and lavish quantities of custard. Only 40 minutes away from London with gorgeous outdoors, funky hangout venues and endless opportunities for (potentially intoxicated) fun, Royal Holloway offers every chance to de-stress after a day of intense, fascinating classes.

And the classes are intensely fascinating. For example, Australian Drama and Film not only explored fun, bizarre and traditional mediums to the country/continent down under, it also addressed colonialism, cultural appropriation and the horrors of Indigenous assimilation. The Biology labs are impressively equipped. The specimens arrive all the way from the Royal British Museum with all the Darwinian enthusiasm for preserving dead things and sticking them in jars. For a nerd like myself, the labs were an absolute delight, if somewhat over heated. For me, the most important part of any experience is the people. At Royal Holloway I not only met the person who I believe to be the love of my life (as corny as that might sound) but also a band of delightful friends who I hope will remain in my life until I am wrinkled and grey.