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Geology Rocks

The Lyell Geoscience Society works in conjunction with the Geology department and has a well-established tradition of organising events throughout the year, the most important of which is Lyell Day. This is an annual celebration of distinguished geologist, Charles Lyell, taking place in the spring.

Lyell Day is marked by a series of lectures given by RHUL Earth Science lecturers and invited guest speakers, who are experts in their field. It’s an opportunity for the department and distinguished lecturers to present their latest research to the Earth Science students at Royal Holloway. Lyell day culminates with a formal dinner held in the prestigious Picture Gallery, inviting guests such as Lord Lyell.

We run an annual Lecture Series that invites guest lecturers from around the UK to present their research to members of the Lyell Geoscience Society every 2 weeks, mostly aimed at undergraduates. They may not overlap with your course modules, but some of the topics might interest you anyway! The aim is to simply broaden your geological knowledge!

Our socials are varied and we try to cater for everyone’s taste. We have regular BBQs held in the Earth Science Quad, nights out in Windsor, pub evenings, pizza quiz nights and joint socials with the Geography Society. At events where alcohol is provided, alternatives are available. It is the ideal opportunity to meet new people and make new friends who have similar interests to you.

Being a department based society means that the Earth Science department is one of the closest-knit communities on campus, including staff and students. Our society aids interaction between others in your own year group, and provides a chance to meet people in other years, and connect with lecturers.

There is nothing nicer than walking around the department seeing people you know.