Friday, June 21Royal Holloway's offical student publication, est. 1986

Literary Party

We are welcoming the new library development on campus. Well to be precise, cranes and cement mixers have invaded campus since September. However it is an exciting time for campus as it expands to welcome not only more students and facilities but opens its doors to an ever-growing world of literature. Therefore, for this month’s photos we decided to give our books a bit of a party before they find their new home.


Yet again the fantastic Fashion Society joined us: Grace Caro otherwise known as Jane from Twilight’s Volturi was accompanied by Hannes Riester dressed as Jacob Black and Tereza Hadrboicová staring as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Alongside the Fashion Society we welcomed the thrilling Tolkien society and had members Graham Morell, Anna Darnena and Vikki Luff dress in their finest garments from Middle Earth.

The bars of Middle Earth


Our literary characters gathered in Crosslands for mingling along the bookcases. There were frivolities, etiquette and adventure written in the air as the characters opened their pages in celebration for the new dev elopment in front of Founders. Photographers Jessie Beach-Thomas and Loi Ianari managed to capture the sparks and inspiration that comes from reading a good novel. Both photographers used their knowledge of literature and keen sense of style to bring the books to life.


Everyone is anticipating the new development and our collaboration is just one indicator of the inter-social relations and imagination that the new library will not only harbour but also create.

Twlight’s Volturi
Twlight’s Jacob Black
Miss Holly Golightly