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Personality Types

Now whether you believe it or not, it is something interesting to consider. Have you ever wondered why on some occasions you click with an individual you barely know; or form a bad impression of someone without knowing them?

Personality types are sometimes distinguished by personality traits which group together behavioural patterns. According to type theories, introverts and extroverts are two distinct categories of people.

It is all part of a psychological study resulting in different personality types being defined. There are sixteen different categories which everyone in the world falls into based on our sensation, intuition, thinking and feeling.

The information generated by this knowledge can aid social aspects in life with greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. It can help the way you approach a situation or explain how you have acted in the past.

Below are listed the summaries of the 16 personality types, which category do you fall into?

The Analysts

INTJ – Imaginative and strategic thinkers with a plan for everything.

INTP – Innovative thinkers yearning for new knowledge.

ENTJ – Bold, imaginativ
e leaders; always with a plan, or inventing one.

ENTP – Smart and curious thinkers who enjoy rational challenges.

The Diplomats

INFJ – Quiet and inspirational with many ideals.

INFP – Poetic, kind thinkers always wanting to fight for a good cause.

ENFJ – Charismatic and inspirational leaders able to capture their audiences.

ENFP – Enthusiastic, sociable free spirits who light up a room.

The Sentinels

ISTJ – Factual and practical thinkers who cannot be reasoned with due to their reliability.

ISFJ – Very dedicated and kind individuals aspiring to protect their loved ones.

ESTJ – Excellent administrators; the best managers of people and events.

ESFJ – Very caring, sociable and popular individuals who are always keen to help.

The Explorers

ISTP – Bold and practical experimenters and successful innovators.

ISFP – Flexible and inventive; always ready to explore something new.

ESTP – Smart energetic people who thrive from spontaneity.

ESFP – Spontaneous and energetic entertainers, life is never dull for them.