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Summer like it’s the Seventies

So they say that history repeats itself, and when it comes to the archives of the fashion world, the same applies. The massive 90s trend has apparently come and gone, and now all the high-street fashion retailers such as Zara, Topshop and New Look appear to be overrun with copious amounts of suede, denim and those ever-so-boho neutral earthy tones. So yes, flared jeans (like the ones you used to prance around in when you were five…) loose, draping tops, fringing, crochet and platform sandals are back. Hold on to your overpriced floppy hats from Topshop, it’s the seventies again!

But never fear ladies! I know you’d prefer to embrace this craze with caution in order to avoid looking like you’re channelling your inner Scooby-Doo cast. It’s all about that boho-chic, bringing back those classic 70s details without looking too hippy or too disco.

For a casual day time look put together a light and flowy over-the-shoulder top, an A line denim or suede button-down skirt with some tan coloured flatforms and you’re ready to go! Want to take the retro look through to the night for those summertime parties? No problem! If you prefer covering up your legs, opt for a sleek pair of well-fitted flared jeans and a fringed crop top along with some awesome platform heels. Aaaand, did I mention that these bohemian looks are perfect for all those summer music festivals you’ll be raving at? (Minus the crazy heels perhaps…)

So you may want some suggestions for what pieces to buy? Here are some high-street bits to vamp up your spring/summer wardrobe seventies style. Peace out.

By Katherine Bibiana Mosquera