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No Idea What To Do This Summer? Orbital’s Got Your Back!

With exams over and the summer months upon us almost one thing is on everybody’s mind – holidays. HOLIDAYS. Unfortunately for students, we are dirt poor. After a year of heavy drinking in order to preserve our sanity from annoying housemates/deadlines/lecturers that only know how to read off a PowerPoint presentation, we have no money […]

In search of some much needed sleep

Sleep. It’s vital, especially for students. We seem to have two moods: ‘sleep is for the weak’ and ‘I want to sleep for a week’. With the frantic juggling of work and socialising, sleep tends to be neglected, especially around deadlines and exams. But then it can also be cruelly taken away by late night […]

Advice for Freshers they won’t tell you in the Welcome Pack

Here you are. A bright-eyed young student, arriving for your first day of Freshers at Royal Holloway. When you get to your Halls, you’ll get given lots of information and bits of paper (which you’ll most probably lose – I did). One of these is the Welcome Pack. However, the university only tell you the things […]