Thursday, August 11

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A Cross-Cultural Christmas Build Up

A Cross-Cultural Christmas Build Up

Ah Christmas. It seems that the beloved festivity comes around quicker and quicker with each passing year. A sentiment that is, perhaps, egged on slightly by that fact that once ‘Back to School’ hype has blown over, the magic C word always seems to somehow worm its way back into our lives. By the time October has begun and the leaves have started to change we are gradually bombarded with all things festive, and before you know it you find yourself wondering what this year’s John Lewis advert will be (maybe that’s just me!). This year however, my Christmas build up started slightly differently. I am on my year abroad in Dijon, France and I have noticed a number of differences between how the French and the British prepare for the arrival of Old St Nick. After coming back to the UK for a we...
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It’s a Woman’s Game

A couple of days ago I had a bit of a run in at the Co-op when I was picking up some Dairy Milk and a packet of Doritos. As I was walking out of the store, I heard a voice behind me making a comment I’ve become accustomed to: “You play rugby?” As a 5’4, pale girl with, lets face it, a pretty fantastic arse, I’m used to the incredulous tone this usually takes as well as the comment that usually follows an affirmative reply – “Lesbian!” So turning round to respond I cursed the fact that I’d chosen to wear my old rugby committee shirt, prepared myself for the awkward confrontation to come. However, on this occasion, the conversation took a different turn – the woman asking turned out to be interested in taking up the sport herself. She was looking for a team to join, so I gave her directions ...