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The Fencing Club

Rachel Hains interviews Felix Jordan about the Fencing Club at Royal Holloway, and how you can get involved this year.

An interview with Royal Holloway Fencing

Blades of glory?

#BearsDay- Disappointment for Women’s 1st Fencing

After narrowly missing promotion to the Premier League last year, the start of the new season saw the Women’s 1st Fencing team put our brand new pistes into action. This week’s opponents were new to our league; having risen through the ranks of South Eastern 2A, the Kings College London team earned promotion, and it […]

#BearsDay- Fencing to Victory

“Come home with your shield or upon it” tweeted President Mike Smith at the Men’s first fencing team on the first #BearsDay of the year. If we had shields, we would have returned with them, in style. The match saw our Men’s 1st team play the Sussex 2nds team, resulting in what I’d call a pretty impressive […]