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Recharge for the New Year! How to discover new music
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Recharge for the New Year! How to discover new music

January is the dullest time of the year: Christmas has passed, shop windows are filled with gym wear, and uni deadlines are looming. But fear not, music will be your saviour! Here are five ways to discover new music for 2019: 1. Music Apps • Streaming apps give you access to every song you could ever want to listen to or discover. If you are already subscribed to one, try switching it up! They all have features that work in different, or sometimes better, ways. • Shazam will allow you to identify any song wherever you are, rescuing you from a drought of no new music. My findings: Soul No.5 – Caroline Rose Soberland – Hinds 2. Social media • Using YouTube? Play a song that you like and it will recommend artists that are similar. Subscribe to musicians and channels that post ne...


I’m wandering around aimlessly, alone. It’s dark out, so dark. I can barely see before me. It feels like it should be snowing. I wish it was snowing. That would be more romantic at least. Without the snow it’s just sad. I am so very alone. I’m sitting now. I’ve changed my mind, I stand. I sit again. I lie back, and stretch out on the cold, damp floor. I move to make a snow angel. The gravel scratches my bare ankles. When did I lose my shoes? I’m staring at the sky and it is charcoal. I can hear shouting. It’s muffled; everything sounds underwater. I close my eyes and I can see bright colours, swirling and twirling in a black ocean. Electricity vibrates through the current and the bubbles are fluorescent. This isn’t beautiful. This isn’t artistic. I see this every time I close my eyes. I ha...