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Make Up Your Time

Is makeup too ingrained in our culture? Should its use be limited? Michele Theil examines its impact on young people.

Makeup Shaming is NOT Cute

Makeup Shaming is NOT cute. Makeup Shaming is exactly what it says on the tin, and it is not okay. More and more frequently, women (and men) are being criticised for the style of makeup they choose to wear, based on the assumption that to do so they must be insecure in their own skin or […]

This Month’s Beauty Focus: One For the Women Blessed With Darker Skin!

One of Royal Holloway’s central characteristics is its ethnically diverse alumni. With over 60 different nationalities being represented across the university, it is not surprising that skin tones vary from candid snow-white, to deep and dark chocolate. Without question, dark skin has been steadily conquering beauty ideals this year, from Lupita Nyongo’s nomination as the […]