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This Month’s Beauty Focus: One For the Women Blessed With Darker Skin!

One of Royal Holloway’s central characteristics is its ethnically diverse alumni. With over 60 different nationalities being represented across the university, it is not surprising that skin tones vary from candid snow-white, to deep and dark chocolate. Without question, dark skin has been steadily conquering beauty ideals this year, from Lupita Nyongo’s nomination as the most beautiful individual of the year, to Alek Wek’s jaw-dropping Cosmopolitan magazine cover. It is clear to see that women with darker skin tones are slowly being thrust under the limelight of the beauty industry. In terms of high-profile public figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks and Michelle Obama, dark skin is no longer only represented within the fashion industry, but also within other important fields, such as business and political enterprise.

Unfortunately, although darker skin tones have become a greater focus across many industries – particularly in recent decades – the needs of women blessed with darker skin are still simply not very well represented within the UK cosmetics market. However, help is at hand! Despite many common high street brands offering a fairly poor selection of colours and shades – especially as far as foundation is concerned – certain companies have begun to recognise and adapt to this overwhelming need for their makeup products to reflect the increasing ethnic diversity of women in the UK, as well as further afield. Brands such as Boots No7, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder have all effectively implemented this change, which is demonstrated through their unique and personalised product lines. Therefore, whether you fancy trying No7’s Match Made foundation service (offering 14 different fabulous, true-to-skin shades from ‘Calico’ to ‘Walnut’), fancy finding your true match with L’Oreal’s ‘True Match’ product line (which provides a huge range of foundation shades to meet virtually every woman’s makeup needs and pays equal attention to both cool and warm undertones alike), or perhaps you would like to indulge in a little bit of added luxury with the premium brand Estee Lauder, who also offer a fantastic selection of revolutionary products for every woman – whatever the colour of her skin – you will be well on your way to finally finding high quality makeup and beauty products to suit you. All of these brands have clearly taken considerable note towards the increasing of ethnic diversity within the UK. Hence, their product lines have started to reflect this – specifically catering to your own, unique and personal skin type and skin tone, formulated and designed with just the one unified goal – to flatter and wow every woman’s skin tone, whether she is extremely fair, with a typically ‘English Rose’ complexion, or if she has a beautiful and naturally richer, deeper and darker skin tone.