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Disconnect To Reconnect

Deputy Editor Stephanie Bagnall shares some things she learnt from her break from social media.

The New Voices of Podcasting

Natasha describes how podcasting is providing a more diverse alternative to broadcast

Diversity’s Demons

Hefina explains how to embrace your individuality ‘Be your own person’, ‘don’t let others dictate who you are’ -the sad reality is, people find it difficult to express who they want to be. The lack of diversity today is an appropriate reflection of the media’s influence on our own bodies. Often the media depicts how we […]

The 2016 Student Media Summit

This week saw the ninth annual Student Media Summit return to London. Hosted by the NUS and Amnesty International UK, the two-day Summit aims to educate and develop the skills of students involved in media and those wanting to pursue it in the future. Features editor, Yasmeen Frasso, talks about her experience. Walking down New […]

An Audience with Example

Royal Holloway’s very own Elliot Gleave revisited our campus this October to talk music, careers, inspiration, advice and of course, a cheeky Nandos. O: How does it feel to be back? E: It’s nice, I’ve only been back four times in 12 years, I came back once to show my wife the grounds, she’d seen […]

Explicit media, scandal or criminal offence?

Dozens of celebrities, including the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Ariana Grande, have been subjected to a hacking scandal via the forum 4Chan which has led to nude media being posted of them online without their consent. This is an issue that crops up so frequently in the media that we may not […]