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VINTAGE COOKING SERIES – 1907 Recipe for Rice with Maple Syrup (The Student Version)
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VINTAGE COOKING SERIES – 1907 Recipe for Rice with Maple Syrup (The Student Version)

There are many things one can learn from the March 1907 issue of Good Housekeeping. Such as, “A luncheon for one’s women friends is a most popular form of entertainment.” Or you can learn how to boil rice in milk, only to fail. Yes, I learnt that boiling pudding rice in milk is not a good idea lest you want your housemates to accuse you of feeding them uncooked rice. Admittedly, it may have been a known fact to add water as well as milk, so the author may have assumed one was smart enough to know that and didn’t bother adding that detail. Just for reference, the type of rice is never specified but as this is essentially rice pudding, I chose to use pudding rice.  Due to the source material being over 114 years old, which is older than the Titanic, we’ll never know what type of ric...

Hakuna Frittata: Pesto Courgetti, topped with Garlic Mushrooms

Have you ever heard of Courgetti or Zucchetti? If not, then today is your lucky day! If you have, then you already know just how awesome it is. To start with, Courgetti is an incredible substitute for spaghetti that I truly believe will slowly but surely revolutionise the world of food… I kid you not! Haven’t completely sold it to you yet? Here are some more glorious facts about Courgetti: not only is it gluten free, vegan and ridiculously healthy, but is also cheap, quick, easy to make, and incredibly delicious. What more could you want? I’ve made this recipe (see below) for my carnivorous best friend and my fussy sister –who, by the way, lives entirely off carbs- and both said it was better than good ol’ spagbol! Intrigued? Well keep reading! There are many ways to be creative ...