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TV Licence Loophole Which Saves Students Over £100 is Set to End

News has come to light that the annual TV Licence fee is set to extend to those watching shows through IPlayer when previously it was only applicable to those watching live TV.

Somewhat ironically this change comes just as BBC Three, a channel aimed for young viewers had been made solely available as on on-line exclusive. For a whole year, to have the luxury of watching your favourite BBC shows, such as Sherlock or Dr Who would cost you £145.50.

A way that students escaped this fee was to watch the shows on-line legally after they had broadcast, for this did not require a TV licence. For a student £145.50 is a huge amount of money, and Charlotte Burns, the editor of Student Money Saver has argued that ‘many students simply not afford the £145.50 TV licence fee. Unlike older people who get this TV licence for free at a reduced cost, there are no concessions for students have any reductions.

Charlotte Burns also further comments on how unfair it would be for those living in halls, for those who have their own tenancy agreement. In a flat of five students every student would have to pay to full amount, ‘but someone sharing a student house with four others would pay £29 annually.’

It is another expense that students will now have to account for in their budgets.