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What’s this about a “No to EU” society?

Recently, on the university notice board I came upon a request asking for a society to be created in regards to Britain’s status in the EU. However the preferred title of the society was “Better off out”, indicating the society would lean mostly towards Britain leaving the EU. This initially upset me as it was very one-sided; mentioning those who are undecided are still welcome. But what if you’re Pro-EU? But besides that, isn’t a society meant to unite you in a new or known topic of interest? This topic can, to some, be a huge subject of interest, but creating it for one side didn’t seem fair.

However this feeling soon drifted as one point this post managed to succeed in, is the question of promoting a debate. A debate to occur within the university among both British students and international students alike. Considering the Pro’s and Con’s being in the EU and being out of it. How does it affect everyone? From the British or to others. Being a university renowned for its international students theres bound to be a varied response. The only issue is lets not limit it to simply discuss of one side and discuss both, as it is essential to understand BOTH. You simply can’t conclude your essays, discussing one side; why should a topic of this importance have to.

On the other hand, I do commend this post in its quest to commence discussions. Some students are unaware of what being in the EU means. Maybe you know, but perhaps you could know more. I think this noticeboard post got it right that we should be openly debating it. But lets not just stick this into a society. Let’s make this debate open for all students to contribute their opinions. While also allowing those who aren’t that politically savvy to get a sense of what this referendum (if it is to happen) means.