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Awkward situations we’ve all faced and used our phones to deal with it…

  • Avoiding a certain someone in the street
  • Using ALL forms of public transport
  • Being a loner at a party and your only friend leaves you
  • When your friend starts flirting with someone else
  • When you’ve woken up to find someone in your bed… That successful one night stand – or not.
  • To avoid kissing that creepy stranger at the back of the room
  • When you wave at someone enthusiastically you thought you knew, but it turns out to be a complete stranger
  • Meeting someone new for the first time and conversation isn’t as free flowing as you might have expected
  • When you go the wrong way, stop, turn round and seek comfort in your phone
  • Going to the toilet in someone else’s house and pretending to be on the phone to have the excuse of taking your time
  • Texting yourself to make it look like you have a boyfriend
  • Catching eye contact with a lecturer on Egham’s train station platform
  • Using your phone to act like you’re not checking someone out
  • Pretending to text someone when really you’re taking a picture of a hot guy or an obese woman
  • When you hear people talking about you so resort to your phone so they think you’re so engrossed and not listening to them
  • When you’re waiting for someone in a restaurant and go on your phone to make it look like they are coming and you haven’t been stood up

How about everyday life?