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Family of Missing Royal Holloway Student Fear Escape to Syria

The family of a missing Royal Holloway student Zubair Nur, have alerted Scotland Yard, fearing he may be en route to Syria, after the College contacted them to report he had not attended lectures since January of this year. Nur, who started at Royal Holloway in September studying Petroleum Geology, is suspected to have flown to Turkey in an attempt to then cross the border into Syria to join ISIS extremists.

In the weeks before his disappearance friends of the first year student became increasingly concerned after he began sharing posts on social media praising extremist leaders and ideology. Nur had been assistant head boy at his sixth form in Surrey, and those who knew him well say his recent behaviour was very ‘out of character’.

The Daily Mail have reported that a full Interpol manhunt is now under way in Turkey to work out the whereabouts of Nur, it is hoped that Police can stop the student before he successfully crosses the border into Syria.